Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Welcome to the MTC

So Mongolian is tough... really tough. 

I went to talk to some Russian Speaking Missionaries on Sunday just out of curiosity to see any similarities of language.... and well.... Монгол Хэл (Mongolth xhelth) or Monogolian certainly is not Russian. The Russians have English cognates! Монгол Хэл does not, pretty much if a Mongolian word sounds like it would vaguely make sense from English it is probably wrong, which certainly doesn't help make it easy to learn. But the coolness factor is pretty up there. The Gift of Tongues is real, me and my companions, Elder Heacock and Elder Cowles (pronounced like the store, Kohls) have already taught three lessons in Mongolian and we have another tomorrow

While I'm not the best baller in the district I'm probably the biggest computer wizard, so I've got that going for me. 

Send me an email if you want to hear from me personally, because I don't have anyone's email address with me. 

The Lord Loves us and knows us each personally, He wants to bless us and will when we keep his commandments and have faith in Jesus Christ and His atonement with which we can repent of our sins and be strengthened from our trials and hardships. 

Есүс Христийн нэрээр, Амэн,

Ахлагч Jonathan Wilding
(pronounced: ah klth agch)

Elder Wilding, Elder Heacock, Elder Cowles
"the residence"

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