Tuesday, July 26, 2016

We walked a lot and it was boring

The subject line says it all.

Work is starting to pick up. We have two new less actives to work with. One of which is a husband that's not a member but is interested. We got a new investigator as well and have another good potential, so that might pan out... I really hope that it does, our teaching pool is still very small. All of that new progress was made yesterday. So this week we have effectively had one investigator, and did a lot of walking. 

teaching English class practice with elder Bayarmagnai
We met some JWs this week it was interesting. Not much to say except that I'm really glad for the MTC and all of the training and preparation I've had. It was just two women that stopped us on the street. One was a Kazakh woman who spoke English but not Mongolian, the other was a Mongolian woman that I believe was part Kazakh (cause she was easier to understand, Mongolian spoken with a Kazakhstan accent is much clearer)

weather conditions - Russian wildfire I hear

All in all the work is hard cause it’s been slow, it’s been rewarding to do service, and I don't know how to help the branch. I am growing and learning and having a fun time with my companion Elder Browning and with my district, Elder Lamb and Elder Bayarmagnai.
 D&D with other elders

Monday, July 18, 2016

The work this week

The work in Nalaikh has been really slow these last couple of weeks, we only have a handful of investigators right now and with Naadam last week most were in the countryside. We have been doing good service though! We helped our new member Mashbat build his house which service has been really needed mostly because of his wife's taken offense from the branch, which is actually unfounded and without cause but her feelings have been affecting him recently so It has been really good that we serve them. We also helped a woman in the ward and gave a blessing to one of her relatives, a less active member, Tulga, He passed away later last week he was 23 too. We helped the family by chopping some wood for them. 
We started up english classes at the church again, we're working on advertising it and getting more people to attend. This week we're going to go to the city to to learn more about what the stake wants us to do with the Scouting program in Nalaikh. 

I got to give a talk in Sacrament meeting yesterday with 0 prep time too! it went pretty well regardless, I implored the congregation to read the Book of Mormon and pray daily and go to church every week.

I also gave a talk during our Zone training too, It was my lucky week. It is kind of cool to see that I can do that with out much preparation. I am becoming Competent in my language skills!!

All else is good, I really enjoy my companionship.-- 

Ахлагч Jonathan Wilding

Editor's note: These are the pictures referenced last week. I found it rather amusing that they are so similar to the photos I found online! Same stadium. Almost same seat!
naadam with Elder Ames- a new elder

Nemekhbayar our golden investigator

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

BSM - Boy Scouts of Mongolia!

Work has been really slow, our investigator pool has been really small recently and those that we do have have been gone to the city a lot, probably for Naadam. The Branch is doing really well, we had branch conference and President Adeabold (New Stake President) and President Batbold (Stake Presidency and works for the Mission) and other people from the stake came to Nalaikh. We had a ward leadership meeting, the first that has happened since I've been in Nalaikh - almost 4 months. Anyway that was really good for the branch!

It was really great when President Adeabold looked over at us missionaries and asked, "Your'e all scouts right?"
"Yeah," we said.  
Then, "And you're all eagle scouts right?" 
"Yeah we are." 
"Good," he said. "You're going to start a scout troop in Nalaikh."
So that will be fun and should help out the branch! 

Naadam was incredible! I've never felt so impressed by the Mongolian Culture! It brought me to see just how much I love Mongolia and the people, and the culture, everything! I am so grateful to be serving here. 

(Pictures from 2006 celebration- courtesy of Wikipedia)

Elder Maynes said that we are good to start up English again in Nalaikh so we'll start that this week, hopefully we can get more potentials and investigators from that, we certainly need them. 

To not be the newest missionaries anymore is a really interesting experience, I can see just how much I do actually understand and can do now by comparison to where I was 16 weeks ago. This week was a good week for reflection as I hit my 6th month mark on my mission this week, I really realized how important good records are and to record your personal conversion frequently, as well as the things that you learn. 

Elder Browning and I are doing well together we have a lot of fun and I'm learning a lot from him! 

No pictures this week, sketchy internet cafe, but just picture me in a white/cream mongolian traditional shirt tsamts.
Also you should all look up Naadam the Mongolian Summer Festival, it was the most incredible! If I can ever go to the Olympic opening Ceremonies I totally will! 

Ахлагч Jonathan Wilding

Monday, July 4, 2016

7/4/16 Laser Dragon Fishing

So this Week with Elder Browning has been really fun.

I have become the branch piano player for the past two weeks since the last girl just left on her mission, I'm doing well enough with my one finger playing, sometimes its two! 

We went with the Branch elders quorum for an activity last tuesday, they killed a sheep (Shawn) and then we ate him, I got one of his Shagai "sha-guy" Ankle bones, they use them to play different games, we've recently been using them as dice. 

We've been meeting with this investigator Dulguun "Duh-th-goon" and he is progressing really well, Its really great to teach him because he's 18 and there is no pressure for my language so I easily just say what I want or get the help when I can't find a word, its very cool because I can actually communicate pretty well.

I turn 6 months in 2 days!

Elder Browning got the greatest package with two remote control cars and two Nerf guns so in our free time - after nightly planning, we have a lot of fun. We also practice our music for our album, Laser Dragon Fishing, a silly thing where we're coming up with ridiculous songs.

The mission is good, and time is really crazy the way that it flies. 

Mosiah 5:13 - For how knoweth a man the master whom he has not served, and who is a stranger unto him, and is far from the thoughts and intents of his heart?

Ахлагч Jonathan Wilding

Sunday, July 3, 2016

6/27/16 The All American -INGs

First off - I bought a Murin huur (hore) and I can play it ... kind of. It only sounds slightly terrible.
 Murin huur (hore)

Elder Sexton left back to America and it felt like a break up.
I'm now with Elder Browning: 23, 6'4, graduated from BYUI studied Religious Anthropology, from Tennessee. He loves cats and plays really good guitar, makes really good food, is ridiculously funny, we have a blast, our DM. 
​me and elder browning​

The Missionary work was alright this week, kind of slow because of transfers, packing Elder Sexton and numerous trips to the city. The branch is doing well, they're having an activity tomorrow so that should be really good! A couple of weeks ago this young guy approached us and asked if he could go running with us in the morning, (He'd seen us go and was interested in joining us.) We thought it a fine idea, so we've got a running buddy, Bugaa. On Sunday morning we invited him to church and he came! It's way cool. Hopefully we can teach him too, that would be awesome. 

Studies are going great, This week I've been working on getting more out of my studies by 
It's been really good I'm remembering more from what I study.

We bought 10 Ice cream cones and put them in the freezer for the new elders in Nalaikh, they loved it.

got a picture with president benson and his family! 
With the Bensons

we made fried chicken mashed potatoes and gravy like 4 times this week and it was divine!
Chicken and mashed potatoes

I helped our new member Mashbat build his fence​

​"Batman" - one of the dogs that lives our side our apartment​

​Elder Lamb and Elder Bayarmagnai - brand new missionary​

Ахлагч Jonathan Wilding