Monday, March 28, 2016

Where I live & a p-day hike around Nalaikh

The apartment in Naliakh and "view" outside the window.

The view outside
With Elder Sexton
Elder Molder and Elder Lamb stole my camera while they were packing up to leave Naliakh
P-Day hike around Nalaikh

The rest of the week (Week 1 in Mongolia)

This week was really fantastic! We had to go to the city a lot for English teaching training - me and English teaching -Elder Sexton. For my training I am teaching with Elder Urness an English Class at the church. It's actually pretty fun! 

Elder Sexton is really great! We are teaching these two girls, Uundramaa and Anujin and getting them ready for baptism next month. 

There is a lot of walking, Yesterday we walked to church and back twice because we forgot something, luckily the our apartment is only 5 minutes away from the church building. Then later on during the day we were going out to two appointments, the farther one about 30 minute walk and the second one was on the way back. Anyway we forgot something we needed for the second appointment back at the apartment and walked to the first gave our message, then walked all the way back. Then we walked back to the other appointment a good 20 minutes back the way we came.... a lot of walking. 

The work is good and hard, but I love it. The Mongolian People are fantastic, So humble and so generous! The door to a ger is so short and I've got to duck to get in, unsurprisingly, and they are so warm when the stove is going! 

The Gospel is true and worth all the walking. Christ is our Savior and Redeemer. The gift of tongues is real, I couldn't be here and say anything if it wasn't.

Zaisan Hill

*(this was actually from their first few days in the country, but he finally has access to a computer that can send his pictures!)*

We (all the new missionaries and President Benson) read the dedicatory prayer for Mongolia and talked about Jacob 5. This really is the nethermost part of the vineyard.

*(one more time borrowing from Sister Hansen @ - not going to be able to do that much more!)*
Yesterday we were able to go on a little hike to a place called Zaison, which is on top of a hill and is where Mongolia was dedicated as a mission. It was so cool to be high enough to see the whole city and the ger districts up on the hillsides. We prayed and read the dedicatory prayer by Neal. A Maxwell, which is so beautiful. (Can probably be found online) We discussed how much the Lord has been invested in the church in Mongolia, far before Chingis Khan, and how Mongolia can be found in the saving of the natural branches of Israel as recorded in Jacob 5 in the Book of Mormon. We also studied the end of the chapter how the Lord has called choice servants to gather those branches and bring them back together. (That's us) It was so nice.