Tuesday, September 13, 2016

9/13/16 A day late and a picture short

The cool thing about my mission is the fact that we come to Mongolia to be volunteer English teachers. When people ask why we are here that is our answer. Last school year I taught at the Ikh Zasag Litzei which was an elementary school and I taught the most rowdy of 3-5 graders. It was slightly unpleasant. Definitely a trying time. We were assured out of it and.... Hallelujah! I am. The DIC (Deseret International Charities) is trying to move to doing English labs at universities, instead of English teachers. The Elders at Ikh Zasag (which is comprised of several schools and universities on one campus) were supposed to start one such lab at their international university, Royal Academy. However... due to the unfortunate problem of losing two English teachers this year we have been asked to fill in! That's pretty chill.... So I will instead be teaching the College freshmen English class... probably... these things seem to be rather volatile. Anyway that’s the plan, and we (the wonderful Elder Jacob Lamb and I) will start this Friday and teach Mondays/Wednesdays/Fridays. 

So I also from now the P-day email will come when it comes; probably on Tuesdays maybe, maybe not... we do what we do, when we can. 

Buses are like sardine cans: there are a lot of people that can cram into them it turns out... not particularly ideal.

Letter stuffs:

This week went by fast. I imagine with school starting again that the weeks will feel even faster. This week I really learned the power in Priesthood blessings; that in the moment the lord will give you what to say. No one in our pool's phone would connect that day so we went to meet with a member. The brother we visited, his sister in her 70's was in the hospital and he and his wife brought us there to give a blessing. Now she later passed away, but the spirit in the blessing was very strong and left a clear impression in my mind about how God will give you the thoughts of what you need to say and do.

This week a woman in the ward asked if we could come and cut some wood for her. Then when we got there, she actually had us demolished her shed then cut that up. It was pretty fun and some good help for a single mother. 

The trio seems to be rolling along. I don't have any problems with it, we have some pretty great companion unity and we teach and work well together. 

The camera did not connect to the computer today...\

Ахлагч Jonathan Wilding

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