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9/19/16 This week from the Onion (Songino=onion)

To continue the current theme of telling you all about my mission...

We need to keep our inviting organization happy... i.e. we get to go on fieldtrips :) Ha-ha... At Royal Academy the Ikh Zasag international university, they were doing a lot of new freshman activities. After a meeting that they had with us volunteer teachers they mentioned that they wanted us to go on this outing to the huduu, at which we said that we would have to get permission to go, so we set our man on it. First off the good old Elder Urness (PoliSci grad who worked for the Republican Party) got to tell the Senior missionary in charge of Deseret International Charities and the English program, emphasizing the key points of this opportunity and the benefits that would ensue. After we got the yes from him, My Fearless Zone Leader and teaching companion dared to ask President Harper... He was down for it. And it was actually a really good experience and built a stronger relationship with our inviting organization.

One of the administrators was one of the first Mongolian boy scouts and five of the six of us were eagle scouts. At this he insisted on a picture and we all got together and took a picture and sang a song... the song he chose happened to be Row Row Your Boat... ha-ha a good time nonetheless.

        This week from the onion: Mission Conference : English : Cowles was sick : Countryside Activity

So Mission conference was pretty great. I felt pretty pumped up to get to work... But that energy was delayed because on our way home Elder Cowles threw up... so that put a damper on our next couple of days. My English schedule is not the worst... but it is three days a week and the commute is not the most pleasant from Songino to Royal Academy.
This week’s English splits were intense: lots of coordination among at least three companionships. On Friday I split with Elder Lamb in the morning and we were together for all of that day and all of Saturday, for the Royal Academy countryside activity, which turned to go longer than planned but not too unexpected.
We did manage to find a new investigator this week! We almost let her slip away, but the Mission conference training helped me focus on trying to secure a second appointment (which was hard because she is a talker). Anyway I feel my language and understanding increasing. Now that I teach English to college students rather than children, I am actually beginning to connect with people, both through English and Mongolian.


Ахлагч Jonathan Wilding

Picture Descriptions:

We had mission conference, and took a MTC group picture
At my school there was a freshman sort of induction ceremony that they wanted us to attend.

On Saturday there was another school activity, we went to the countryside and it was pretty cool, the place was some national park called Hustain Nuruu. They wanted us to go and we wanted to keep them happy and build good relations with our inviting organization. Elder Lamb, Rodriguez, Urness, Whitaker, and Atnip, all went. 

Did you know that there is wild Rhubarb in Mongolia? 

On our field trip we also stopped at some sand dunes that I didn't expect and that was pretty cool.

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