Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Week 6

So this Week will have more said about it than other weeks
So My companion, Elder Christensen is 5'7" 113 lbs has brown eyes, he did a semester at Northwest College in Wyoming last fall. and he absolutely Loves BYU... like to death. He will hear if he got accepted by the end of this month, and he's super duper excited!!! Since he's going to Thailand he didn't bring a real winter coat so he's made do with his wonderful BYU jacket, he also didn't bring any p-day pants so up until yesterday he would be cold as we had to do our errands like laundry and haircuts and breakfast in shorts. Luckily we went to the bookstore and got him a pair of MTC sweats and he was surprised at how comfortable it is to be warm again haha. Elder Christensen really loves music and plays the guitar really well. He wants to go into music and business after the mission. He Says Hi! He is also Half Brazilian.

Mongolian things that I've learned... So My teacher Brother Boyd was telling us how there is a KFC in Mongolia. In America KFC is where you'd go if you didn't want to make dinner, in Mongolia its where you take your family to go someplace nice.... "get dressed up kids we're going out for dinner tonight... we're going to KFC". A common Missionary Service is digging new pit toilets, fun! I would actually love to be out there doing that instead of being at the MTC for another whole MONTH!  Oh Well I'm blessed for this opportunity to learn and grow in a wonderful and spiritual environment. If you bump feet or touch feet you shake hands and apologize because feet are dirty and that's the culture you also don't put like anything on the ground definitely not books. Also you don't throw things to people, because t=you throw things to dogs, so always hand it to them.

Mongolian Language is difficult because of the lack of relation to most other languages especially English, and its very different sentence structure. It is Subject Object Verb and from English that's hard because I have to switch the way that I think about how things interact from - I did something to someone- (Subject Verb Object) to - I to someone something did- (S O V). I have to think about the players in the game then describe the play.... I usually have to say what I am trying to say 3-4 times because I hadn't decided how to arrange the sentence before I spoke. Anyway It does make a lot of sense and I love it... Its just different! I've gotten used to Cyrillic and I'm now working on thinking in it.

There has been a lot of hype about tonight's devotional, and there isn't ever any hype about them, the MTC keeps it very hush hush and we only find out who's speaking 25 minutes before it begins. So I anticipate that there will be someone important tonight

I was made a zone leader with Elders Heacock, and Cowles. This is interesting because they aren't my companions but they sort of are. We teach and study and plan together, like companions but we don't always go everywhere together. I kind of have 3 companions right now which is certainly unique! We get to welcome the new missionaries to our zone tomorrow and now I have to go to all of the leadership meetings hooray! more meetings haha, oh well, I get to be a missionary to missionaries.

Loving others doesn't come "naturally" to anyone, that is what the natural man is. The natural man is selfishness, its the desire to turn inward during times of trial, stress, or other hardship. Really becoming like Jesus Christ is the trial of this life. God's plan is for us to become like Him, He has given us His son Jesus Christ to let us do that. By following the Teachings of Jesus, His Gospel, we can repent and change our natures. Not only does the atonement cover when we make mistakes or sin, but it covers before that, it allows us to change, to turn from making a wrong decision and following Christ's example and working to attain his attributes (look in Chapter 6 of PMG ). Charity is a gift, it is not inherent in the nature of the natural man, some people have been blessed to easily receive this gift but all must work to attain it and maintain it.

To love others and live with differences is to forget yourself, and become like Our Savior Jesus Christ.

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