Sunday, March 20, 2016

In Mongolia

Howdy Hey from the opposite side of the world! 

Life in Mongolia is going great thus far!
The Seoul Airport was really nice they had a free shower that was arguably the best shower I have ever been in, like rain. It was bliss during the long hours of travel. Yesterday we went from Korea to Mongolia and I sat next to this Mongolian Man and talked to him for a while on the plane. It was really fun and hard, and it definitely helped my Mongolian. It has been weird to not wear my tag around. We got to Mongolia around 5-ish yesterday, we had a great dinner (they got some really good Indian food) and it was also President Benson's son's birthday so we had cake and Ice cream too! They're are just the greatest! I love President and Sister Benson and their family.
Today we had church and I didn't understand much, but I did understand some! The Language will come! We had dinner with a senior couple, the Taylors, and it was super good, Mac and Cheese, and left over Indian food, because there ended up being 8 missionaries! Wow can 8 missionaries eat!! haha

Elder Urness and I have been with two other Elders all day, Transfers are tomorrow and I'll email again later. I'll get my trainer then and It'll be great!!!!

With all the love!

Ахлагч Jonathan Wilding

*3/28/16 - He finally got to a place where he can download pictures, so here are the photos from the trip*

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