Saturday, March 12, 2016

Week 10 - Last week from the MTC!

Сайн байна уу?
This week was really great! We got to go to the BYU English Language Center for observations upon observations, upon more observations, and some teaching! Haha, it was actually really cool, we got to practice teaching to teach 3 different groups of English students, the first two times was a practice for the third where we were recorded and evaluated! We taught individually but with our companions (we each taught a different part of the lesson) to The very beginning English students. It gave me a really great appreciation for my own Mongolian teachers as well as really helped me to connect to non-native English speakers. English is a really hard language!

I met Four Mongolian students at the ELC and I actually could understand a lot more than nothing haha so that went well! I love the Mongolian People. I found out that I will be teaching at Ikh Zasag Secondary School! (Great Government school) all the responses have been very underwhelming... but I am excited!

We had our infield orientation yesterday and we were prepared to dive straight into the work in our field's. It was fun we learned a lot about opening our mouths and going to talk to everyone that we meet. The Gospel of Jesus Christ is the path to true happiness in this life, if you are happy now, you can receive even more joy, if you have problems, turn to Christ and he can take them. When you can't bear your burdens trials any longer look to God. There is a life after death. Families can be together forever. God wants us to live with him and become like him. This is True.

This time next week I will be in Mongolia!

With Love, and Excitement!! 

Ахлагч Jonathan Wilding

Also I forgot to mention that my Companion, Elder Christensen Left to Thailand this week so I have been missing my good friend. It has been some fun and trying and growing weeks.

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