Monday, April 11, 2016

great times in the field


This week was absolutely crazy, we taught a whopping 0 lessons in Naliakh. And its not for a lack of effort. Last Sunday night I went on a split with Elder Rodriguez because both of our companions are English teaching companions and on Monday mornings they teach together. Anyway we planned on doing studies that morning, when he got a call from his English boss asking him to come sub for a teacher like right away. We abandoned our studies and went to teach his English class! We did go to KFC and it was way better than America except that they didn't have the mac and cheese. After that I got back together with Elder Sexton and we had to finish our studies in the city. We also had to stay in the city because we had zone conference early the next morning and wouldn't have time to get there in the morning from Naliakh. 

Tuesday, Zone Conference went later than expected and we got back home and had to do our personal study and after that there wasn't enough time to go to any appointments.

 we were back in the city for English and I was back with Elder Rodriguez. Later that night I had an English Training as well and we stayed in the city because Elder Sexton had a leadership meeting the next morning.

, Elder Sexton and I split and I went with Elder Tansianco and we did our studies together. We actually got to go back home that night. Our appointments actually fell through however and so we made our Big plan for the next week.

Friday morning we did studies at home and made 8 loaves of bread for a potluck on Sunday. Then went to the city for another English training. We stayed in the city again in order to go to General conference the next day 
Saturday we had general conference in the city, stayed overnight again for G Conf on Sunday
8 loaves of bread

bread with lemon curd

Lemon curd from MaryKate's recipe

 night was the same split with Elder Rodriguez.

Anyway I love Mongolia and I love teaching people when I can! I've gotten really close with a lot of missionaries through all of these splits however which is really cool about our mission. There aren't many missionaries and we get around to meet a lot of people on different splits.

General Conference was awesome! We do indeed have a living prophet on this earth today!

Ахлагч Jonathan Wilding

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