Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Spring is in the air And I love doing dishes!

Once again I'm on a super sketchy computer, Windows 7 this time... sort of its a fake copy and has tons of viruses, it infected my flash drive, luckily it did that and I didn't put my memory card in and corrupt all my pictures. Also luckily it didn't corrupt the files just buried them. ugghhhh I can fix it but I need a safe computer... hahaha good luck finding one of those. Anyway that means no pictures from last week. sigh....

Its starting to feel and smell like spring and that has really improved my mood, as well as doing a lot more work! As President Benson Says be busy, be happy! We started running for exercise and its super great because it is just so beautiful!

I started English this week, I teach Children ages 8-12 there are 6 different classes and we teach MWF. I just observed this week I will actually teach tomorrow. The program that the school has for us to teach is called grapeSEED its actually a lot like Dad's waterford videos and stuff. There are songs and books and videos to use and theyre super catchy. The kids are really rowdy and they've lost all respect for my teaching companions, Elder Sexton and Elder Lamb. I hope that I can bring a lot more energy to class so that they will actually learn and want to listen! :) 

Last night we were like American missionaries and got fed twice! We had dinner at our new member Mashbat's ger, then after that we got a call from the primary president and went to give her young son a blessing, and they fed us too! Haha, food's not everything it was really great to meet with members and get to know the people of the branch more. 

Its not enough to try to resist evil and temptation or empty your life of sin. That will only cut the tops of the weeds of sin in your life. Only through the Atonement of Jesus Christ can you pull out the roots of sin, the desire for sin. Then can you begin to fill it with love and faith. Fill it with scripture study and prayer and other righteous, worthy activities.

Ахлагч Jonathan Wilding

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