Monday, August 29, 2016


This week we did a fun split with the Zone Leaders I took Elder Lu out in Nalaikh and we did some great work! We also planned it so that he could touch a camel which he had yet to do and this is his last transfer so... he simply had to, haha.  Any way we recorded some English Songs for the Missionary English program and that went well. We also had a great zone training. This week there were also puppies and I helped build a house! The work is still like it is in the summer, but I feel my personal effectiveness rising as I focus on goals and work hard! 

On another split in the city I ran home with Elder Rodriguez probably 2 miles in 15ish minutes to make it home on time. That was a blast of a race against the clock and we made it! 

All in all Read the Book of Mormon and pray daily and go to church, that is indeed the thing that helps the most with retention and activation in the church. I have seen people start it and seen their lives change as well as the opposite. I know the gospel is true! ​

Love you all! 
Ахлагч Jonathan Wilding
Chinggis Khan Statue for P-day ​

Our oven exploded (died in a flash of electricity), and it turns out you can do most things with microwave and a water boiler... I made pasta in the water boiler and sauce in the microwave.

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