Monday, August 29, 2016

7/31/16 Bikes and the work is growing :)

This week we have been blessed with a lot of new potentials and a new investigator. A member of the Sansar ward called us on Friday night and gave us a list of her family members who were less actives and a co-worker of hers that lives in Nalaikh. Her co-worker isn't a member but is interested in the church. She came to church on Sunday, but says that we can't meet at her house. I think that her family members don't know that she is investigating a Christian church and she is afraid to meet at her home because of that. Regardless she sat in all of church and asked really good honest questions, I hope that we can meet with her and find some way to teach her. 

We talked to the Zone leaders and they gave us the go ahead to get bikes and we did. We got them on Saturday, and they really changed the work in Nalaikh. Because we have to walk everywhere in the area, bikes cut travel time down by half at least. It’s a lot more efficient and I think that we can check a lot more people and not have to worry about going all around town. If we get burned by an appointment we won't have wasted so much time in just walking there and we can get back out to try more people! This week is going to be really good! I'm going to give it my all. 

We're going in to the city and are going to record some songs by the request of Senior Elder Maynes, so that will be a good project to help out with. 


Ахлагч Jonathan Wilding

We got bikes
Went out to Gordok on a split with Elder Lamb
and we checked some addresses, and took a couple of pictures.

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