Monday, August 29, 2016

8/7/16 Blessed by the Swiss and said Hello to the future

We met a couple of travelers from Switzerland two brothers they asked if they could bless us before they left, and we were like... sure... it was a prayer, they prayed for us and it was really nice. We met a man named Ireedui = Future.

So this week was pretty good, we had a baptism, Blorerden. She really wanted to be baptized, and it went really well. Not very many people but her mom was there and she had been baptized last month and has a really great testimony so she helped out and was excited for her daughter. Our new investigator and his less active wife have been reading the Book of Mormon which is very encouraging. This week I have really been working on Charity and my Purpose as a missionary. I want to be more effective as a missionary and to love and serve the people with all that I have. I've been going into preach my gospel more and more, therein lies the secrets to missionary success. Following the promptings of the spirit and the council of the prophet.

The biggest thing that I learned this week was to just follow those little promptings of the spirit. We ran into a couple of Swiss brothers that were traveling through Mongolia and I saw them trying to communicate with a taxi and thought, we could probably help them considering we know Mongolian, and they looked like travelers (who in my experience almost all speak English). Sure enough we helped them out and spent about an hour walking with them and talking about the gospel and our beliefs (which is really different in English). They were really cool guys and had really great faith in Christ it was awesome to see, and hear their own beliefs in the savior and his saving atonement. I had an English Book of Mormon on me and gave it to the one, some seeds planted as we walked along the Mongolian wayside. 

Also this week while we were checking a potential investigator, Iweel his brother Ireedui told us that he wasn't home, but he gave us a ride, and in the car we found out that Ireedui"s wife was a member, and his younger brother was too and had served a mission. So that has helped our understanding of Iweel's interest more understandable and now we will try even harder to meet with him and his family.

We got helmets for the bikes too, and while Elder Rodriguez was in Nalaikh we had him take a look at them and do a quick tune up, he worked in a bike shop before his mission, it was really cool. I have some pretty decent bike fixing skills, but I learned more from Elder Rodriguez. 

I just saw the pictures of the new Philadelphia temple and it is incredible! Philly Temple Pictures

Ахлагч Jonathan Wilding

Peanut butter and hot sauce straight from America

Bikes with helmets

Bolorerden's baptism

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