Monday, July 18, 2016

The work this week

The work in Nalaikh has been really slow these last couple of weeks, we only have a handful of investigators right now and with Naadam last week most were in the countryside. We have been doing good service though! We helped our new member Mashbat build his house which service has been really needed mostly because of his wife's taken offense from the branch, which is actually unfounded and without cause but her feelings have been affecting him recently so It has been really good that we serve them. We also helped a woman in the ward and gave a blessing to one of her relatives, a less active member, Tulga, He passed away later last week he was 23 too. We helped the family by chopping some wood for them. 
We started up english classes at the church again, we're working on advertising it and getting more people to attend. This week we're going to go to the city to to learn more about what the stake wants us to do with the Scouting program in Nalaikh. 

I got to give a talk in Sacrament meeting yesterday with 0 prep time too! it went pretty well regardless, I implored the congregation to read the Book of Mormon and pray daily and go to church every week.

I also gave a talk during our Zone training too, It was my lucky week. It is kind of cool to see that I can do that with out much preparation. I am becoming Competent in my language skills!!

All else is good, I really enjoy my companionship.-- 

Ахлагч Jonathan Wilding

Editor's note: These are the pictures referenced last week. I found it rather amusing that they are so similar to the photos I found online! Same stadium. Almost same seat!
naadam with Elder Ames- a new elder

Nemekhbayar our golden investigator

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