Tuesday, July 12, 2016

BSM - Boy Scouts of Mongolia!

Work has been really slow, our investigator pool has been really small recently and those that we do have have been gone to the city a lot, probably for Naadam. The Branch is doing really well, we had branch conference and President Adeabold (New Stake President) and President Batbold (Stake Presidency and works for the Mission) and other people from the stake came to Nalaikh. We had a ward leadership meeting, the first that has happened since I've been in Nalaikh - almost 4 months. Anyway that was really good for the branch!

It was really great when President Adeabold looked over at us missionaries and asked, "Your'e all scouts right?"
"Yeah," we said.  
Then, "And you're all eagle scouts right?" 
"Yeah we are." 
"Good," he said. "You're going to start a scout troop in Nalaikh."
So that will be fun and should help out the branch! 

Naadam was incredible! I've never felt so impressed by the Mongolian Culture! It brought me to see just how much I love Mongolia and the people, and the culture, everything! I am so grateful to be serving here. 

(Pictures from 2006 celebration- courtesy of Wikipedia)

Elder Maynes said that we are good to start up English again in Nalaikh so we'll start that this week, hopefully we can get more potentials and investigators from that, we certainly need them. 

To not be the newest missionaries anymore is a really interesting experience, I can see just how much I do actually understand and can do now by comparison to where I was 16 weeks ago. This week was a good week for reflection as I hit my 6th month mark on my mission this week, I really realized how important good records are and to record your personal conversion frequently, as well as the things that you learn. 

Elder Browning and I are doing well together we have a lot of fun and I'm learning a lot from him! 

No pictures this week, sketchy internet cafe, but just picture me in a white/cream mongolian traditional shirt tsamts.
Also you should all look up Naadam the Mongolian Summer Festival, it was the most incredible! If I can ever go to the Olympic opening Ceremonies I totally will! 

Ахлагч Jonathan Wilding

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