Sunday, July 3, 2016

6/27/16 The All American -INGs

First off - I bought a Murin huur (hore) and I can play it ... kind of. It only sounds slightly terrible.
 Murin huur (hore)

Elder Sexton left back to America and it felt like a break up.
I'm now with Elder Browning: 23, 6'4, graduated from BYUI studied Religious Anthropology, from Tennessee. He loves cats and plays really good guitar, makes really good food, is ridiculously funny, we have a blast, our DM. 
​me and elder browning​

The Missionary work was alright this week, kind of slow because of transfers, packing Elder Sexton and numerous trips to the city. The branch is doing well, they're having an activity tomorrow so that should be really good! A couple of weeks ago this young guy approached us and asked if he could go running with us in the morning, (He'd seen us go and was interested in joining us.) We thought it a fine idea, so we've got a running buddy, Bugaa. On Sunday morning we invited him to church and he came! It's way cool. Hopefully we can teach him too, that would be awesome. 

Studies are going great, This week I've been working on getting more out of my studies by 
It's been really good I'm remembering more from what I study.

We bought 10 Ice cream cones and put them in the freezer for the new elders in Nalaikh, they loved it.

got a picture with president benson and his family! 
With the Bensons

we made fried chicken mashed potatoes and gravy like 4 times this week and it was divine!
Chicken and mashed potatoes

I helped our new member Mashbat build his fence​

​"Batman" - one of the dogs that lives our side our apartment​

​Elder Lamb and Elder Bayarmagnai - brand new missionary​

Ахлагч Jonathan Wilding

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