Tuesday, July 26, 2016

We walked a lot and it was boring

The subject line says it all.

Work is starting to pick up. We have two new less actives to work with. One of which is a husband that's not a member but is interested. We got a new investigator as well and have another good potential, so that might pan out... I really hope that it does, our teaching pool is still very small. All of that new progress was made yesterday. So this week we have effectively had one investigator, and did a lot of walking. 

teaching English class practice with elder Bayarmagnai
We met some JWs this week it was interesting. Not much to say except that I'm really glad for the MTC and all of the training and preparation I've had. It was just two women that stopped us on the street. One was a Kazakh woman who spoke English but not Mongolian, the other was a Mongolian woman that I believe was part Kazakh (cause she was easier to understand, Mongolian spoken with a Kazakhstan accent is much clearer)

weather conditions - Russian wildfire I hear

All in all the work is hard cause it’s been slow, it’s been rewarding to do service, and I don't know how to help the branch. I am growing and learning and having a fun time with my companion Elder Browning and with my district, Elder Lamb and Elder Bayarmagnai.
 D&D with other elders

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