Monday, June 6, 2016

5/2/16 Baptism

We had a baptism this week! That was really good! She was really ready for baptism which was really great. After she was baptized she just flew! Partly from being so happy and partly from flying out of the water because it was so cold. Like really really cold! Our other investigator missed her baptism because she went to the city and got back late, she'll be baptized this coming Friday. Work is slowing down a little with the baptism of our investigators, so we are planning to work more with the branch and try to help strengthen them more. About a month ago a random man in Naliakh pulled over and offered us a ride, we were expecting him to be a taxi, but he turned out to be a less active member that recognized us as missionaries! He gave us a ride, his phone number and address. Purevdorj wouldn't answer his phone and we couldn't find his address so we just set him aside for a while. Then Elder Sexton and Elder Hatton managed to find where he lived when they did a split the other day. We stopped by on Sunday and met him, his wife who's not a member and his daughter who is 7. They're a great family!

The garbage trucks here play music just like Ice cream man! 

Transfers are this week and we'll see what kind of craziness will happen.

We bought cheese for the first time last week and that made me super happy last week!

I learned a lot about relationships with other people. While you shouldn't let someone change you to be someone that you are not, its really important to always be changing and improving. If there is a problem, try to become more like Christ, first work to cast the beam out of your own eye before you worry about the mote in your brother's.
Translates to friendship village, the other side says something about naadam the big summer holiday

a brief hour-long split with Elder Heacock

American culture - it's everywhere

It snowed! yeah....

Play time before class

Undarmaa, next to her is Elder Bird, and Timulin

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