Monday, June 6, 2016

5/9/16 'merica and apple pie

Missionary work is going really well. Last week we had another baptism, Our investigator Anujin was supposed to get baptized the week earlier, but she had missed the service by an hour because she'd gone to the city. We almost had a Branch Council meeting but there were other things that had to get done too so it didn't really happen, and I finally met our branch mission leader and he was going to have the Missionary coordination meeting but then he disappeared after church so that fell through as well, but the hope for Sunday meetings was greater than it had been all of last transfer. Studies are going really well, now that we are in our area a lot more, things are doing better. Elder Sexton is helping me learn how to study better, and with how to use a study journal better. I'm going to finish the Book of Mormon this week and then begin another 3 month study through the Book of Mormon.

English classes are going pretty well, I had tried a couple of things with our kids and the grapeseed program, last week I foolishly focused on pushing the material and it was a big problem, I got really frustrated and the kids didn't have a very good time. Today I tried a different approach, which focused on the students, I didn't care if we got through the material, I cared more about them and the behavior of the class. I really worked on learning their names as well and made a seating chart for one class. Needless to say the students liked class a lot more, I was much more successful and everyone had a much more enjoyable time.
It was a really big lesson on teaching people, not lessons.

Really good, since transfers, and Elder Sexton not being a Zone leader we have been much more relaxed with travel, in our area more, and had a lot more fun as we can work even harder and in greater unity! Its really cool to learn from him, he has really great study habits and skills, and I'm really learning obedience, and diligence.

We've been eating really well and exercising well too, and in my first transfer (6 week period) I lost a healthy 10 lbs.

Elder Browning our new District Leader in Nalaikh! 4 Americans in Nalaikh! It is a blast, we have met a couple of times and have ate together and gone on a run for exercise in the morning, to explore the area a bit more. Also we made Pizza Prishkiis on Sunday together which were really delicious and just so much fun.

Making an apple Pie!
Anujin's Baptism

Mashbat and Maria and their family

iluu zorig - Last p-day hike was way cool!

(Editor's note: Jonathan took a full 360 degree photo array. I have stitched the original photos together to create the panoramas - I just couldn't get the "south" to join with the rest. Also, comparing the bends in the river and locations of the few buildings visible to satellite images, I believe this hike was just a couple miles to the north of the town and that the directions on the panoramas are correct.)

270 degrees:  <---W---------N---------E---->



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