Monday, June 6, 2016

5/29/16 last week in Mongolia – a new stake!

Our blind investigator, Battor is doing much better, he has started to get some help from the Red Cross! They are helping him with Medical stuff and getting him a new ger that we're going to help set up on Tuesday! I started the book of Mormon again and I'm studying Faith and Miracles, It’s been really cool to see how Nephi grows because of his faith between chapters 3 and 16 of first Nephi, while Laman and Lemuel for the most part stay the exact same in the time period. Progression is beautiful, and we do so by living the Gospel of Jesus Christ, Faith Repentance Baptism Receiving the Gift of the Holy Ghost and Enduring to the End. Language is doing well, I realize that I can actually make phone calls and schedule appointments. It’s hard sometimes to talk to people because when they see that my companion is a lot better than me they tend to only talk to him.
Digging Latrines is a great service! We found a less active member and offered to dig one for her, hopefully we can help her and soften her heart to come to church!

English ended last week, and it’s a nice break! We shouldn't have to go back to the city very much these next couple of weeks!
The Nalaikh (Nathak) branch once a part of the Mongolia East district is now a part of the Mongolia East Stake!!!! Mongolia's Second Stake was organized yesterday by Elder Wong (70) and Elder Toronto (Asia Area 70). It is such a blessing to have helped bring another Stake to Mongolia! It will really bless the country and prepare the way for a temple in Mongolia!

(Editor's note: more Q&A from side emails.)

I thought you said your school only had a few weeks left. What happens afterward? 
What do teachers do during summer breaks? Just back to more missionary work, without having to teach English we have more time to teach lessons.

 More latrines?
 Yes, we actually found a less active and offered to dig her one too this week! Apparently no one likes to do it so if we offer they don't seem to say no! Its actually a childhood dream come true, to just dig a really big hole!

Are you assigned to that school the entire 2 years? 
Generally yes. I say generally because 'they'- the mission office is working on getting us out of teaching children, we'll probably work for the same organization maybe switch to teaching an older class, hopefully! But I should be with the same school/Organization for the whole time.

Ohhh let me tell you... Pizza Hut is in UB the phone number is like 7555 5555 haha, ads have been all over the city. The mission ordered it one day for a zone conference and it was really tasty. It’s pretty expensive otherwise. We don't actually eat out very much but are planning on it next month ‘cause its Elder Sextons last 3 weeks as a missionary so we're going to live. 

Last week’s P-Day Hike (Editor: I actually see hints of green!)

Crazy Gusts of Dirt It was really windy that day

We had a really good meal

We finished digging last week’s Latrine and took some fun pictures

Our laundry thing just spins our clothes in water.

a cool pretty typical fence 

and some random kids I explained a selfie to them

Stake (!) conference

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