Monday, June 6, 2016

6/8/16 we walked to the city

The Work this week was incredible! All week long we have had incredible finding opportunities! We found and have begun teaching 2 new families! We have had a lot of really meaningful contacts lots of people this week came up to us to ask us about the church, a lot of interested people and lots of new potential investigators. The branch is doing pretty well there may be an elders quorum activity this Saturday. The other Elders are having a baptism this week and we are putting on a talent show, which hopefully works out really well in bringing the branch closer together as well as getting people to invite their friends! Studies were rough as I really really pushed it this week to meet my goal of June Sixth to finish My 42 principle notebook... But I did it! I did only that during my personal and language studies. Next week I'll catch up on my Book of Mormon- Faith and Miracles Study I'm really excited to go back to doing something else.
I've been running every morning for the past 3 weeks and it is doing great things for being healthy!
I finished my 42!!! And I'm learning diligence by doing hard things and meeting my goals.
We walked to the City from Nalthahk (how its pronounced) there was a big holiday children’s day and we were going to the city that night for zone conference the next day. After 2 hours on the bus and only halfway there we decided to get off and walk, it was pretty cool story and way crazy of an experience, we got in just after 11, way before the bus!

this one kid that had avatar hair we asked to take a picture. Some kids think that we're Russian some think American but some think that we are Korean... weird right?

pictures, crowded bus on children’s day, walking etc.

when was the last time you got a coke in a glass bottle for a quarter?

one sketchy building we went into probably haunted

Jordan on a fence

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